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A great smile is ever-important to your social and business life. Visit us today to find out what a big difference dental veneers can make for your smile. Oral Dental Health, Houston, Texas, is the premier experts in cosmetic dentistry and dental veneers. No matter what your natural teeth look like today, you are a candidate for veneers, which can revolutionize the appearance of your teeth and produce a gleaming new smile. Experience the confidence boost professional veneers can make for the aesthetics of your teeth. Members of our cosmetic dental care team are experts at creating a dental care plan just for you, including beautiful, bright veneers. The gentle dental care specialists at Oral Dental Care, Houston, Texas, warmly welcome new patients and walk-ins to our friendly office. Call us now to get started.

What are Veneers and How Can They Improve Your Smile?

Enjoy the feeling of a great smile with veneer treatment at Oral Dental Care with Dr. Danny Orsak. Our office will help you revamp the aesthetic quality of your teeth with beautiful-looking veneers. Dental veneers are simply a thin material layer placed on the surface of your front teeth that can be shaped, sized, lengthen and colored to deliver a brilliant smile. We find that our clients turn to veneers to restore gapped teeth, broken teeth, worn teeth, crooked teeth and discolored teeth. The different types of veneers, include direct composite bonding veneers, Lumineers, porcelain veneers and zirconia veneers. We usually position veneers over the course of two easy office visits. We prepare your natural teeth for veneers, make impressions and place temporary veneers during the initial visit. We place the permanent custom-made veneers during your second visit.

Discover the advantages of working with the veneer experts at Oral Dental Care serving  the Metro Houston Area, including:

  • Addicks Fairbanks
  • Cy Fair
  • Cypress
  • Jersey Village
  • Spring
  • Tomball
  • Windermere Lakes
  • Wortham Village

Interested in Dental Veneers? Call Us Today

Are you ready to find out how great veneers can improve your smile? We would look forward to talking with you about a cosmetic dentistry program, including dental veneers. Call us to set up a convenient exam. Visit the gentle dental care team at Oral Dental Care, Houston.
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