Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Houston, Texas

Root canal therapy has become a common and effective treatment that can save a tooth. Plus, with advanced in technology and procedures, the treatment has become quicker, easier and less painful. Modern root canal therapy is much easier, faster, less costly and pain free compared to typical root canal procedures performed in the past. And, the gentle dental care specialists at Oral Dental Care, Houston, Texas, are highly trained and skilled to complete root canal therapy to save teeth.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy, known as endodontic treatment, is an effective specialty dentistry technique used to protect a decaying, infected, cracked or damaged tooth. A root canal procedure can be successful in relieving pain and saving the natural tooth. During a root canal the pulp and nerve of a tooth are removed, and the interior of the tooth is cleaned of infection, decay and debris. Root canal therapy prevents the living tissues around the tooth from facing infection, swelling and abscesses. An untreated infection in an abscessed tooth can lead to other health problems, including swelling in the gums, face, head and neck, root tip bone loss, drainage issues and other problems with infection. Root canal therapy often is the most effective treatment for a tooth that is experiencing decay, infection or damage by trauma. 

Specialists in Root Canal Therapy for Metro Houston

Natural teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, but damaged and infected teeth can be problematic if left untreated. Root canal therapy can be highly effective in saving a tooth. Call us to set up a convenient appointment for an examination and to discuss the most effective treatment options for you. Our team delivers outstanding, modern and affordable comprehensive dental care. Call us to learn more about the benefits of root canal therapy.

Total Oral and Dental Hygiene Care Plus Root Canal Therapy

The expert team at Oral Dental Care, Metro Houston, believes comprehensive dental care focuses on prevention and and a custom dental health plan based on your individual needs. When damage, inflammation or infection affects the pulp of a tooth, root canal therapy may be the most effective option to save the tooth. Call the caring and compassionate providers of excellent dental care—Oral Dental Care  with Dr. Danny Orsak. 

Our practice serves the Metro Houston Area, including the communities of :

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Contact the Leaders in Root Canal Therapy for Metro Houston

Root canal therapy is a safe and effective treatment to save and restore teeth that have sustained damage, inflammation or infection. The exceptional dental care team at Oral Dental Care, Houston, successfully performs root canal therapy with skill and precision in even the most complex cases. Successful root canal treatment allows you to save your tooth from extraction and helps mitigate a host of potential health issues. Call our friendly office now to find out the many benefits of root canal therapy. We make it easy, convenient and affordable it is to take great care of your teeth.
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