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Lost Crowns | Oral Dental Care, Houston, Texas

If you have lost a dental crown, we can help you replace it. There are a number of reasons why a dental crown may fall out of position. The bond between the crown and the natural tooth may have deteriorated. The tooth may have sustain further decay. Heavy continual pressure or trauma may have pulled the crown out. Whatever the reason, when you have lost a crown, it can cause anxiety. The best thing you can do, however, is to remain calm and take action to have the crown replaced. Call us immediately if your have lost a crown. The dental care experts at Oral Dental Care, Metro Houston, Texas, will help you by securely replacing a lost crown. 

What You Should Do if You Have Lost a Crown

Losing a crown can be a frustrating experience, but the good news is that a replacement crown can be installed, returning your tooth to a condition that makes it strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing again. There are steps you can take if you can recover the crown that has fallen out of position. Seal the crown with a dental wax or petroleum jelly and place the crown back into position. This is a temporary repair, and you will need to visit a dentist right away for a permanent repair. Avoid further damage to the tooth by seeking out help from Oral Dental Care with Dr. Danny Orsak. The dental practice serves the Metro Houston Area, including:

  • Addicks Fairbanks
  • Cy Fair
  • Cypress
  • Jersey Village
  • Spring
  • Tomball
  • Windermere Lakes
  • Wortham Village

Solutions for Lost Crowns in Metro Houston

Dental crowns are an effective treatment for a damaged tooth, but sometimes the crown can become dislodged and come off the tooth it is capping. If you have experienced a lost crown, call the team at Oral Dental Care, Metro Houston, for help. We offer complete care for dental emergencies, including lost dental crowns. We urge you to contact us right away if you have sustained a dental emergency, including losing a crown.
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