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Good oral and dental maintenance can help prevent getting cavities, but sometimes a cavity may appear even with regular brushing and flossing. Fillings for cavities, especially if discovered early, can strengthen a tooth while restoring the tooth surface damaged by a cavity. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity to hot or cold or notice depressions or other changes to your teeth, call us for a dental exam and checkup. When caught early, a small cavity can easily be repaired with a filling. But even larger cavities can be treated successfully, too. The important action to take is to call a skilled dentist to evaluate your unique dental and oral health needs. Call the office of Oral Dental Care, Metro Houston, Texas, for help with cavities. We will diagnose your dental issue and provide great options for care. We will help to make sure your teeth are strong, robust and healthy. 

How Cavities Can Affect Your Overall Dental and Oral Health

Complete health and wellness is closely linked to overall dental and oral health, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If neglected, cavities and other dental problems can reduce physical ability, cause pain and threaten overall health. Tooth decay and cavities is almost always preventable, but 90 percent of adults in the United States have dental cavities, DHHS reports. If left untreated, cavities can jeopardize permanent teeth, cause pain, create infection and cause oral diseases, which can even lead to inflammation, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases.

General Dentistry and Repair for Cavities for the Whole Family

There are signs to watch out for that you may have a cavity. If you have tooth sensitivity, tooth pain or visible damage to a tooth, you may have a cavity. Call the gentle dental care specialists at Oral Dental Care, Houston, to discuss effective treatment options available for cavities. Our team is ready to evaluate whether you have a cavity issue. We provide outstanding, modern, and affordable dental care, and we care about you.

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Cavity Treatment at the Gentle Dental Care Specialists in Metro Houston

Decay can cause harm to a tooth's enamel and inner structure if treatment is neglected. Quick recognition of a cavity and proper treatment, however, can help restore the strength and function of a tooth. Are you worried you may have a cavity? Let the expert dental hygiene staff at Oral Dental Care, Houston, put you at ease. We offer effective treatment for cavities. Call us today to start your treatment today.
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